GET /reports/sales/sale/{id}

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Request an saleItem by its ID.  See saleItem element definition in WSDL/XSD
This resource requires connectid, nonce, date and signature for authentication. See Authentication documentation for REST and SOAP. Passing authentication information as query parameters for REST is supported.

Resource URL




URL path parameter. The ID of the requested sale.
The id should consist of lowercase characters, the same way it is returned in the get sales by date call.

Value Type: String sale ID.
Example Value

Example Request

REST authentication information must be included in request headers or added as query parameters

Get details of the sale with ID "91e422a5-0047-4444-aaaa-5f52069f37b7":

Example Response

<GetSalesResponse xmlns="">
        <saleItem id="91e422a5-0047-4444-aaaa-5f52069f37b7">
            <adspace id="12345">AdSpace name</adspace>
            <admedium id="654321">Affiliate link name</admedium>
            <program id="1234">Advertiser program</program>
                <gpp id="zpar0">1227247</gpp>
                <gpp id="zpar1">ABCHDE</gpp>
                <gpp id="zpar2">102.01</gpp>
                <gpp id="zpar3">TopBannerA</gpp>
            <trackingCategory id="98765">Tracking category name</trackingCategory>


Resource Information

Rate Limited? No
Authentication Requires signature. See
REST Authentication
SOAP Authentication
Response Formats json, xml
HTTP Methods GET
Resource family Sales
Response Object saleItem
API Version 2011-03-01