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Returns a list of programItems. See programItem element definition in WSDL/XSD
This resource does not require a signed request, only a connect ID. See Authentication documentation for REST and SOAP. Passing connectid as query parameter in REST is supported.

Resource URL




Limits results to products associated with this search string.

Value Type: 
Example Value


Limits results to programs activated after this date.

Value Type: Date in format YYYY-MM-DD
Example Values 2012-01-01


Limits results to a particular region.  

Value Type: String
Example Values "DE", "FR", "IT"


Limits results to programs with mandatory direct applications ("DIRECT") or not requiring direct application ("INDIRECT").

Value Type: String
Example Values "DIRECT"


Product category is deprecated as of January 2014.

Instead, use the industry option below.



Limit results to programs that belong to the specified industry (see table below under section Industry Values to Use).  This option is only available in our REST API.



If request is sent with &isexclusive=true option, then only exclusive programs will be returned in the search.  This option is only available in our REST API.


Limits results to programs with products.

Value Type: Boolean
Example Values 


See Paging.

Value Type: Integer


See Paging.

Value Type: Integer

Example Request

Example Response

<SearchProgramsResponse xmlns="">
        <programItem id="12298">
                La boutique Sosh a été lancée par l'operateur Orange Mobile en octobre 2011.Les forfaits sans engagement Sosh sont à partir de 9,90 €/mois avec Orange le réseau N°1 en France.
                <![CDATA[<ul> <li><strong>Historique</strong></li></ul><p> La boutique Sosh a été lancée par l'operateur Orange Mobile en octobre 2011.<br /> Les forfaits sans engagement Sosh sont à partir de 9,90 €/mois avec Orange le réseau N°1 en France.<br />  </p><ul> <li><strong>Produits vendus</strong></li></ul><p> 3 forfaits sont disponibles allant de 9,90 € à 24,90 € : .<br />  </p><ul> <li><strong>Rémunérations</strong></li></ul><p> 5 paliers sont proposés en fonction du volume de vente :<br />  </p><table> <tr> <td> </td> <td>1</td> <td>2</td> <td>3</td> <td>4</td> <td>5</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Nombre de ventes</td> <td>1 à 10</td> <td>11 à 30</td> <td>31 à 60</td> <td>61 à 100</td> <td>101 et +</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Forfaits 9,90 € et +</td> <td>14,00 €</td> <td>15,40 €</td> <td>16,80 €</td> <td>18,20 €</td> <td>19,60 €</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Forfait 4,90 €</td> <td>9,00 €</td> <td>9,90 €</td> <td>10,89 €</td> <td>11,98 €</td> <td>13,18 €</td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> <td>Standard</td> <td>+ 10 %</td> <td>+ 20 %</td> <td>+ 30 %</td> <td>+ 40 %</td> </tr> </table><p> <br /> <br /> <strong>English Summary</strong><br /> Sosh is the new Low Cost Orange Mobile brand.<br /> Sosh is a Pure Player.<br /> <br />  </p>]]>
                <category id="40">Cell, Phone & Fax</category>
                <category id="37">HiFi, TV & Video</category>
                <category id="11">Internet services</category>
                <category id="35">Cameras & Camcorders</category>
                Leviers sur le programme : Display : Autorisé Liens texte : Autorisé Pop-Up : Non autorisé E-mailing / Newsletter : Sous conditions Comparateurs de prix : Autorisé Incentive : Autorisé Clic de validation : Non autorisé Bon de réduction : Autorisé Sites Under : Non autorisé Slide in : Autorisé GAP / mediaformance : Autorisé Co-registration : Non autorisé Retargeting : Non autorisé Social Rewarder : Autorisé Liens sponsorisés : Non autorisé Toolbar et diffusion via logiciel : Non autorisé   Programme policies : Display : Allowed Text link : Allowed Pop-Up : Not allowed Emailing : To be validated shopbot : Allowed Incentives : Allowed Validation click : Not allowed Coupons : Allowed Site-under : Not allowed Slide in : Allowed GAP : Allowed Coregistration : Not allowed Retargeting : To be validated Social Rewarder : Allowed SEM : Not allowed Toolbar : Not allowed  
                <policy id="107">Exclusive zanox advertiser</policy>
                <policy id="102">Popups/Popunders allowed</policy>
                <policy id="106">Cashback/Loyalty allowed</policy>


Industry Values to Use

Use the following top or sub-level hierarchy IDs (industries) for the industry option above.  Be aware that the below set of data can change / expand in the future.  The below set is valid as of 28.10.2015.


Hierarchy name top level hierarchy ID hierarchy ID
Financial Services 11  
Property Leads   80
Pet Insurance   151
Personal Banking (Current Accounts)   147
Lead Gen (Financial Services)   153
Loans   74
Life Insurance   150
Travel Insurance   152
Brokerage   77
Health Insurance   149
Insurance   78
Automotive Insurance   148
Savings & Investments   75
Credit Cards   76
Mortgages (Mortgage Lenders)   146
Retail & Shopping 10  
PC & Video Games   170
Sports Equipment   177
Gadgets   169
Automotive Lead Gen   186
Furniture & Soft Furnishings   184
Photos & Print Services   71
Electronic Superstore   62
Erotic   70
Menswear   174
Books & Subscriptions   171
Home & Garden   66
Computers   165
Department Store   68
Pharmaceuticals   180
Green (Eco friendly)   187
Audio Visual   163
Group Buying   188
White Goods   167
Health & Beauty   179
Clothing   63
Jewellery   183
Office Supplies   189
Shoes   176
Gifts & Flowers   64
Wine, Spirits & Tobacco   181
FMCG   67
Lead Gen (Retail & Shopping)   191
Lingerie   178
DIY   185
Music & DVD   65
Entertainment Superstore   168
Automotive   72
Photography   166
Sportswear   73
Pets & Pet Care   190
Toys & Games   182
Womenswear   175
Baby & Toddler   69
Electronic Accessories   164
Clothing Accessories   172
Childrenswear   173
Travel 9  
Tourism & Attractions   61
Local Holidays   195
Lead Gen (Travel)   145
Hotels & Accomodation   57
Cruises/ Ferries   58
Airport Parking and Transfers   196
Car Rental   59
Buses   144
Trains   60
Airlines   55
Travel Agencies   54
Telco & Services 8  
Lead Gen (Telcos)   160
Online Gaming   47
B2B Telecommunications Services   155
Internet Service Provider (broadband, cable and satellite operators)   40
B2B Utility Services   156
Recruitment   158
Mobile Downloads   45
Entertainment Downloads   46
Network Operators   154
Mobile Pay as you go   42
Software Downloads   194
Webhosting   49
Higher Education   162
Mobile Contract   43
Business Services (B2B)   157
Dating & Socialising   51
Lead Gen (Services)   161
Training Courses   50
Tickets   53
Utilities   48
Charities   159
Digital TV & Video-on-Demand   44
Gambling & Competitions   52
Mobile Broadband  


Using a top-level hierarchy ID should include all sub-hierarchies that belong to it.

Resource Information

Rate Limited? No
Authentication Requires connect ID. See
REST Authentication
SOAP Authentication
Response Formats json, xml
HTTP Methods GET
Resource family Programs
Response Object programItems
API Version 2011-03-01