GET /programapplications/program/{id} /adspace/{id}/trackingcategories

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Returns the tracking categories, that specified advertiser program applies for a specified publisher's AdSpace. The return type trackingCategoryItem contains its ID, name and commissions (both fixed and percentual) that apply to this tracking category. See exact trackingCategoryItem definition in the Publisher API WSDL/XSD.
Default tracking category will always have ID zero.
This resource requires program ID and AdSpace ID as URL path parameters, which you can get from the program applications resource. Connectid, nonce, date and signature are required for authentication. See Authentication documentation for REST and SOAP. Passing authentication information as query parameters for REST is also supported.
This method does not use paging, all items will be returned in one page.

Resource URL




URL path parameter. The ID of the advertiser program.

Value Type: Integer
Example Value: 1234


URL path parameter. The ID of the publisher AdSpace.

Value Type: Integer
Example Value: 1234

Example Request

REST authentication information must be included in request headers or added as query parameters

Get tracking categories for program 1234 and adspace 4321.


Example Response

 The default tracking category will be returned:

<GetTrackingCategoriesResponse xmlns="">
  <trackingCategoryItem id="0">
   <program id="1234">MyProgram</program>
   <adspace id="4321">MyAdSpace</adspace>


Resource Information

Rate Limited? No
Authentication Requires signature. See
REST Authentication
SOAP Authentication
Response Formats json, xml
HTTP Methods GET
Resource family Tracking categories
Response Object trackingCategoryItem
API Version 2011-03-01