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Returns a list of productItems.See productItem element definition in WSDL/XSD
This resource does not require a signed request, only a connect ID. See Authentication documentation for REST and SOAP. Passing connectid as query parameter in REST is supported.
Search query without program IDs will automatically search in all programs where you are confirmed. You can narrow down the search by providing one or more program IDs.
Also, make sure that your search queries do not start or end with uppercase AND, OR or TO, as those are reserved keywords (see notes).


  • The default searchtype depends on the query string:
    • if the query string q is 25 characters or less, the default searchtype is "phrase"
    • If q is more than 25 characters, the default searchtype is "contextual".
  • A contextual product search finds the most relevant strings in a text and uses them to return the best matching products, e.g. to pass a blog comment to get matching products. A phrase search should be used when you know exactly what you are looking for.
  • If you would like to specify multiple keywords in your search, you have three options:
    • An AND-separated list will return only results with all of the keywords. An AND query requires search terms before and after it. A query that ends with AND will return an error.
    • An OR-separated list will return results with any of the keywords. An OR query requires search terms before and after it. A query that ends with OR will return an error.
    • A space-separated list uses so-called "intelligent querying" to expand the query in order to find the most suitable results, for instance, those where most of the keywords are close together in the same paragraph. The results are sorted by relevance, and the number of results will tend to be between the the number returned by AND and OR searches, with the most relevant results at the beginning of the list.
  • Many features, such as merchant category filter, or EAN search are only available using the REST API. As product search does not require authentication with signature, REST is the recommended interface for this resource.
  • Products are searchable as soon as advertiser uploads them and they are indexed, which is generally about 10-20 min delay.

Resource URL




Limits results to products associated with this search string.

Value Type: String


Specifies whether you want to make a phrase search or contextual search.

Value Type: String
Example Values "phrase","contextual"


Limits results to a particular region. Region must be in all-caps.

Value Type: String
Example Values: DE, FR, IT


Limits results to products with a minimum, currency-independent price.

Value Type: Integer


Limits results to products with a maximum, currency-independent price.

Value Type: Integer  


Comma-separated list of programs. Returns products from those programs. When no program IDs are provided, the API will return results from all programs where your publisher is confirmed. 

Value Type: Integer program ID or comma separated list of integers
Example Values "1234", "1234,5678,9123"


Deprecated. Please use merchantcategory filter instead.


Limits results to products with images.

Value Type: Boolean, true/false


Limits results to tracking links associated with this ad space.

Value Type: Integer AdSpace ID  



Enables search in all product data, regardless of whether you are confirmed by the advertiser or not. Result does not include tracking links, so the search is only an indicator of which products are available from which advertisers.

Value Type: Enumeration
Values: "all", "confirmed" (default)



The international article number, or the barcode number of the product. Will limit the results to the specific product/model only. It is possible that you will get multiple results if several merchants have the same item for sale. note that not all merchants provide EANs for their product data feeds, therefore not all products in our database can be found using their article number.

Value Type: Integer



Limits results to the specified merchant category. This filter uses strict matching - you have to provide the exact string of the category, as specified by the merchant. Wildcards or subsets will not work. All special characters in the merchant category have to be URL encoded. It is possible to pass more than one category from more than one merchant (if you want to search in more than one merchant program) in your search query. To do that, add this parameter multiple times, e.g. "...&merchantcategory=Tablets&merchantcategory=Smartphones

Value Type: String


See Paging.

Value Type: Integer


See Paging.

Value Type: Integer

Example Request

Get 10 products (default page size) for keyword "nike" from program 7408:

Search all programs for "iPhone", results in JSON, get first 7 items:

Search all confirmed products for "nike", return first 5 items in JSON:

Example Response

<SearchProductsResponse xmlns="">
		<productItem id="b6f6a1d2c26713a0730f7c0bce22fc3d">
				Nike - Orange Baseballkappe mit Nike-Logo aus Metall, 340225-852 - Orange
			<program id="7408"> DE</program>
				<trackingLink adspaceId="1009338">
				Nike - Orange Baseballkappe mit Nike-Logo aus Metall, 340225-852 - Orange - Farbe:Orange
				Kappe von Nike, Webstoff, Krone im Bahnendesign, Ösen, abgerundeter Schirm, verstellbarer Riemen, Maschinenwäsche, 100% Polyester, Lieferantencode: 340225 - 852. 1971 führte Blue Ribbons Sports das „Greek Goddess of Victory"-Konzept ein - Nike. Ein Jahr später, 1972, gegründet, wurde Nike zu einer Marke mit langer Geschichte und angesehenem Namen für funktionelle und dennoch stilvolle Sportkleidung, deren Kollektion von Retro-Designs bis hin zu hochmodernen Modellen reicht.
			<deliveryTime>2 to 4 days</deliveryTime>
				MALE / NACH PRODUKT SUCHEN / Accessoires / Mützen & Hüte
		<productItem id="b46d2accece578e43ff86b032e5b0f0d">...</productItem>
		<productItem id="555ea5a830b5eeadbb5e3572ae04272b">...</productItem>


Resource Information

Rate Limited? No
Authentication Requires connect ID. See
REST Authentication
SOAP Authentication
Response Formats json, xml
HTTP Methods GET
Resource family Products
Response Object productItems
API Version 2011-03-01