GET /admedia/categories

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Returns a list of the advertiser-defined, program-specific ad media categories.
This resource does not require a signed request, only a connect ID. See Authentication documentation for REST and SOAP. Passing connectid as query parameter in REST is supported.

Resource URL




URL path parameter. Retrieve AdMedia categories for this program.

Value Type: Integer program ID.
Example Value12345

Example Request

Get ad media categories for program 1222:

Example Response

<GetAdmediumCategoriesResponse xmlns="">
        <category id="3393">Verfügbarkeitsprüfung</category>
        <category id="3395">Call</category>
        <category id="7158">Call & Surf</category>
        <category id="12685">Call & Surf Basic</category>
        <category id="12686">Call & Surf Comfort</category>
        <category id="12687">Call & Surf Comfort Plus</category>
        <category id="15137">Entertain</category>
        <category id="15358">Entertain Premium</category>
        <category id="16612">Entertain Comfort</category>
        <category id="18503">Surfen ohne DSL</category>
        <category id="21090">Sonderwerbemittel</category>
        <category id="21595">0. Logos</category>
        <category id="39680">Geräte</category>
        <category id="44282">Call & Surf Comfort VDSL</category>
        <category id="51832">TV Extras und Sender</category>
        <category id="51846">Aktionen</category>
        <category id="51847">Telefonie und Extras</category>
        <category id="51867">Internet und Extras</category>
        <category id="52483">Geschäftskunden</category>
        <category id="56969">Wechsel zur Telekom</category>
        <category id="56975">Call & Surf Comfort via Funk</category>
        <category id="58024">Archiv</category>
        <category id="59301">Entertain Sat</category>
        <category id="66674">Allgemeine Textlinks</category>
        <category id="72842">Sicherheitspaket Komplett</category>
        <category id="76580">Entertain Comfort Sat</category>


Resource Information

Rate Limited? No
Authentication Requires connect ID. See
REST Authentication
SOAP Authentication
Response Formats json, xml
HTTP Methods GET
Resource family AdMedia
Response Object admediaCategories
API Version 2011-03-01