XML Description Information

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The XML-format data described in this manual will be illustrated with the aid of tables.
The XML description tables contain the following columns:
  • Object
  • Data type
  • Characters
  • Description
  • Mandatory?

Object Column

The Object column represents the structure of the XML data. Elements are noted in angle
brackets < >; attributes are without brackets. For an improved overview, elements which
possess sub-elements or attributes are shown in grey-shaded lines.

Data type column

The data type of the element/attribute is noted in the Data type column in accordance with XML scheme definitions.

Characters column

The Characters column indicates the maximum length of an object of the data type "normalizedstring" or "String".

Description column

The Description column contains a brief description of the data, which are contained in the respective element or attribute.

Mandatory? column

This column contains an "x" if the element is required, and is blank if the element is optional.  If this column does not exist, then all listed elements are required.