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Serves for the import of new shopping basket datasets for the stated program.


<InsertBasket xmlns="">
    <basketinsert xmlns="">
            <program id="10"/>
            <order id="55215412"/>
            <category id="55215412"/>
            <commission fix="4.05" percent="3.00"/>
            <product number="1234" quantity="1">


Object Data type Characters Description Mandatory?
<programid> int  
ID of the program for which 
new shopping basket datasets
will be imported
Shopping basket datasets,
which will be newly imported
<basket>       x
<program>       x
id int  
ID of the program to which
the datasets will be newly
<order>       x
id string Maximum 50 Order ID x
id normalizedstring Maximum 10 Category ID  
fix decimal  
Fixed commission in the program
percent decimal   Variable commission in percent  
number normalizedstring Maximum 50 Product number  
quantity short   Product quantity  
<name> normalizedstring Maximum 100 Product name  
price decimal   Product price  
<ulp> normalizedstring Maximum 255 Transmitted ULP  


Resource Information

Rate Limited? No
Requests per rate limit window N/A
Authentication Requires Authentication
Response Formats  
Resource family  
Response Object  
API Version