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Delivers the PPS datasets of the stated program that correspond with the consigned
filter criteria, as well as the ID of the newly-created export history entry.


<GetPps xmlns="">
    <ppsfilter xmlns="">
        <period from="2004-12-01T00:00:00+02:00"
        <reviewstate negate="1">0</reviewstate>
        <categoryid negate="1">TestKat</categoryid>


Object Data type Description Mandatory?
<programid> int ID of the program whose
data will be retrieved
<ppsfilter>   Filter criteria, which will be
applied during the export
<period>   Export period x
from datetime Most recent time stamp of the
to datetime Oldest time stamp of the dataset x
<reviewstate> int

Review status of the dataset

• 0 = open
• 1 = confirmed/approved
• 2 = rejected
negate boolean
Criterion <reviewstate> should
• 0 = not be negated
• 1 = be negated
<categoryid> normalizedstring Order ID of the dataset  
negate boolean Criterion <orderid> should
• 0 = not be negated
• 1 = be negated



If the value of the "negate" attribute of the <reviewstate> or <categoryid> element is 1, all datasets that do not correspond with the condition will be exported.


If the lock wait time has not yet expired and the user wishes to carry out a new data export,
the request will be terminated with an error (refer to <locktime> element in GetUserPrograms).

Object Data type Description
<historyid> int History ID that was created for the export process


Otherwise, zanox ERP Web Services delivers the following data:

<GetPpsResponse xmlns="">
        <pps id="3cbf49c8-f88a-4f30-b879-35c0d94519cf" trackingtype="3" cookie_id="0" xmlns="">
            <click timestamp="2004-06-18 12:20:58"/>
            <request timestamp="2004-06-18 12:16:28"/>
            <program id="10"/>
            <order id="1396525"/>
            <suborder id=""/>
            <customer id="285796"/>
            <category id="Ihre-Kategorie"/>
            <session id="Sess01"/>
            <expiration date="2005-02-12 12:00:12"/>
                <price currency="ANG">2.65</price>
                <tracked currency="EUR">4.50</tracked>
                <intern currency="EUR">4.50</intern>
            <affiliate code="829057C1355136413S66656">
                <commission currency="EUR">0.66</commission>
            <subaffiliate id="21">
                <commission currency="EUR">0.20</commission>
            <review state="0" date="2005-01-02 21:22:00">ReviewText</review>
            <commission fix="0.20" percent="0.15"/>


Object Data type Description
id normalizedstring Unique ID of the PPS dataset (GUID)
trackingtype unsignedbyte Tracking type for which the dataset was tracked
timestamp datetime

Time stamp of the click

In case there was no click associated with the transaction the time stamp parameter will not appear.

timestamp datetime Time stamp of the request
id int ID of the program to which the dataset pertains
id normalizedstring Order ID
id normalizedstring Sub-Order ID
id normalizedstring Customer ID
id normalizedstring Category ID
id normalizedstring Session ID
date datetime Expiration date
<price>   Price - current transaction value as set by advertiser
currency normalizedstring Currency of the price
<tracked>   Price - recorded at tracking time
currency normalizedstring

Currency of the recorded price

Please note that this currency reports as EUR even though it should be equal to the regular price

<intern>   Current price exchanged into the program account currency
currency normalizedstring Currency of the internal price
code normalizedstring
Complete partner ID in xxxCxxxSxxx format
("Sxxx" is optional)
<commission> decimal Publisher commission
currency normalizedstring Currency of the publisher commission
<username> normalizedstring User's login name
<website> normalizedstring User's homepage
id normalizedstring Sub-affiliate ID
<commission> decimal Sub-affiliate commission
currency normalizedstring Currency of the sub-affiliate commission
<review> string Review text
state int
Review status
• 0 = open
• 1 = approved
• 2 = rejected
date datetime Review date
fix decimal Fixed commission in the program currency


Resource Information

Rate Limited? No
Requests per rate limit window N/A
Authentication Requires Authentication
Response Formats xml
Resource family ppsdata
Response Object pps
API Version


If the value for <historyid>  is '0', no data have been exported. For instance, this might happen because the filter has been set too restrictively).