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To be able to use zanox ERP Web Services, your affiliate program must be accordingly enabled by a zanox employee. In this initial process, a so-called ERP profile will be set up, which defines the data that can be exported and imported. Following this, the ERP Web Services interface can be used with a valid advertiser account.
A ticket system is used to enable tracking of the user‘s session, following login, throughout several function calls. A unique ticket is generated at the time of login. The user is known to the zanox ERP Web Services under this ticket. The ticket must be stated in the SOAP header of the SOAP message for every function call, so that the ERP Web Services can identify the respective user.
If the user makes no function calls with a period of 20 minutes (standard), the ticket automatically expires. In order to continue using zanox ERP Web Services, the user will need to login again.
The following information is cached during each session:
  • Number of registered programs and their names
  • Assigned ERP profile of a program
  • Assigned lock wait time of a program
  • Access authorisations for the import and export of data for each program

NOTE: Changes to these parameters only come into effect after the next login.