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New in the REST API: sales basket items

We are happy to present you the latest addition to our API resource family - the sale basket. As you might know a single sale can contain multiple products, which can belong to different categories and have different commissions. While the Publisher API has always had a resource to get sales or an individual sale, the response included an undefined commission and a "basket" as tracking category in case of multiple products in a single sale.

To cover this gap, we now introduce a new basket resource, which, among other properties, returns products in the sale basket, their respective tracking categories and commissions. A basket item looks like this:

   <productName>Apple iPad 4</productName>

To get the basket, you will have to provide the sale ID as a REST URL path parameter. Sale IDs are returned by the aforementioned sales resource. The basket resource is protected, so you will need to generate the zanox OAuth signature as described in the authentication documentation. This functionality is implemented in REST API only, with the usual XML or JSON response formats to choose from.

For more information, please refer to the sales basket documentation page.