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Issues with the Publisher API Java Client

Our Java API client library is currently experiencing SSL connection problems and is not usable for SOAP protocol. The problem is unfortunately more complex than simply an expired certificate. Our team is working hard to prepare an updated version of the client and we will put it online as soon as it is ready. We will be updating this post with the latest information. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Please note, that the API itself and clients in other programming languages are not affected.

(13/05) Update 1: If you are using the client to retrieve own data (with own API credentials), you can work around this problem by switching to one of the REST protocols – JSON or XML. This will be transparent for your application. To do this, provide “xml” or “json” as a constructor parameter:

ApiInterface api = new ApiClient("xml").getService();
ApiInterface api = new ApiClient("json").getService();

Please note that you will not be able to use the zanox authentication methods such as GetSession or GetOfflineSession via REST.

(13/05) Update 2: We have a beta version of the updated Java client library for you – fresh from the IDEs of our developers. The SSL bug has been fixed and all methods can again be used via SOAP. If your application requires GetSession, GetOfflineSession and PromoteSession methods, we recommend you to give this version a go. Please note, this library is a fresh beta, so if the old library with REST enabled suffices for your application, we do not recommend to switch to this version. A fully tested version will be released after it passes our internal QA processes.

(download link removed, see the next update)


  • Removed all references to the Publisher API 2009 and zanox Connect 2009/2010 as all are discontinued
  • Switched to use zanox Connect 2011 (originally was 2010)
  • GetOfflineSession return type renamed and includes additional parameter “connectSessionToken” which will always be null for external developers

(16/05) Update 3: Based on your feedback, we have fixed quirks in the beta API client which caused exception when using dateType enum in REST getLeads/getSales methods and missing enumerator values in all method responses. You can download the updated version here:


Please note, that if you’re using this release, you can also go back to using the old trusted SOAP protocol, i.e. instantiate the client without constructor parameters:

ApiInterface api = new ApiClient().getService();