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Serves for the update of existing PPS datasets for the stated program.


<UpdatePps xmlns="http://services.zanox.com/erp">
    <ppsupdate xmlns="http://services.zanox.com/erp/Import">
        <pps id="a1a1a1a1-a1a1–a1a1–a1a1–a1a1a1a1a1a1">
            <program id="10"/>
            <expiration date="2004-05-21T11:00:22"/>
                <price currency="EUR">3.50</price>
            <review state="0">ReviewText</review>
            <commission fix="4.05" percent="3.00"/>


Object Data type Characters Description Mandatory?
<programid> int  
ID of the program whose
PPS datasets will be updated
PPS datasets, which will be
<pps>       x
id normalizedstring  
Unique ID of the PPS dataset
<program>       x
id int  
ID of the program for which
the datasets will be updated
date datetime   Expiration date  
<price> decimal      
currency normalizedstring Maximum 3    
<review> string Maximum 255 Review text  
state normalizedstring  
Review status
0 = open
1 = confirmed, approved
2 = rejected
fix decimal  
Fixed commission in the program
percent decimal   Variable commission in percent  


Resource Information

Rate Limited? No
Requests per rate limit window N/A
Authentication Requires Authentication
Response Formats  
Resource family  
Response Object  
API Version


NOTE: You can undo the status "Rejected" and set a transaction back to "Open" once. Please note, that the transaction will be set to "Approved" by zanox after 72 hours.