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EAN and merchant category filters in the product search API

As the beta phase of the new product search aproaches the end, we continue rolling out the features. Today, we are happy to present you two latest additions to the API interface - the EAN and the merchant category filters.

EAN filter

You can now search for products using the unique international article number - the EAN. It's a great filter for all those barcode scanner applications, which don't have any other keywords to use. EAN can be passed as a query parameter and will limit the results to matching products only. Even though EAN uniquely identifies a product, it is possible that you will get multiple results if several merchants have the same item for sale. Here's an example request to find the Galaxy Note 10.1 (ean 8806085308091):


Response contains two products from different merchants (cropped for readability):

<productItem id="b3d8b8ac4dd085a5b7a239b61ce5beb6">
    <name>Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi TM 16GB white (GT-N8020ZWADBT)</name>
    <category id="7000000">Computers & Software</category>
    <merchantCategory>Computer + Büro</merchantCategory>
<productItem id="9cf344f049b0289e5016dff4262b75ff">
    <name>Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8020 LTE white</name>

Please note that not all merchants provide EANs for their product data feeds, therefore not all products in our database can be found using their article number.

Merchant category filter

Most shops use their own category tree to organize products. They are different from merchant to merchant, but make good and reliable search criteria if you want to get the best possible search result for a specific merchant. We are therefore adding the functionality to filter products by the merchant category or several categories. Like EAN, merchant category can be passed via REST URL query parameter. You can also pass multiple categories, from the same or different merchants by repeating the query parameter. For example, if you wanted to search for Samsung tablets and notebook PCs, you could formulate a query like this:


It returns multiple products from both categories, two of which you can see below (cropped for readability):

<productItem id="92544ec116ba54cf87175675521e88a4">
    <name>Samsung Notebook NP370R5E-S01CH</name>
<productItem id="e1cb94e83497cf8c11760871c56847bf">
    <name>Samsung Galaxy TAB2 7.0” WIFI 8GB</name>

We will be extending our API in the near future to allow you to download merchant-defined category trees, in order to enable you to use the full potential of this feature.

Both of the new filters are also documented in the Publisher API 2011 reference.


Updated: retrieving all merchant's categories

We have also added an API resource that returns all product categories for a selected merchant. For example you can get categories for Fab.com EU (ID 13299) like this:


Response at the time of writing is (cropped for readability):

        <category>Women / Necklaces</category>
        <category>Home / Unframed Prints</category>
        <category>Home / Workspace</category>
        <category>Home / Kitchen Tools</category>
        <category>Home / Bed Linens</category>
        <category>Home / Serveware</category>
        <category>Women / Watches</category>
        <category>Women / Bangles</category>

Currently we have identified a few programs that provide low quality category data or do not provide it at all. Therefore this resource will not return categories where it detects that data is not correct. We will be working with advertisers to improve EAN and category data quality over time.

Akram Fares

Is there a way to retrieve multiple EANs on one request ?

Posted on 2/2/15 4:54 PM.

I'm interested too to be able to search for multiple EANs in one request. That will avoid me to do a loop.

Posted on 2/26/15 10:22 AM.